The Story Behind Beatrice Skincare


Donna, Isy and Eve are the lovely ladies behind the Tammin-based family business, Beatrice Skincare. Since launching in August this year, they have been selling handmade 100% natural skincare products to happy customers in Northbridge, at various market days across the state and online.

Wheatbelt Local asked the ladies a bit about the story behind Beatrice Skincare, how to keep your skin healthy and running a business in the Wheatbelt.

Who is Beatrice skincare? 

Eve: Beatrice is a 100% natural skincare range. The products are primarily made by my mum, Donna.  She is a medical herbalist and has been making products for our family and friends for the past ten years. Using her extensive knowledge she is able to make products that not only feel and smell great but also have added therapeutic qualities. My sister Isabella and I are long time users of Beatrice. We work on the marketing and sales side of things, and also have started to create some of the new products that will be available before Christmas. We absolutely love the products and can’t do without them!

Why the name Beatrice?                 

Beatrice was just the name we were looking for! It’s a classical name evoking both strength and femininity. In Dante’s poem ‘The Inferno’ Beatrice represented spiritual love. Furthermore, when we looked into the meaning of the name we found it to be ‘she who makes happy’. This was the name for us! 

Where are you based? 

Beatrice is based in Tammin, Western Australia, at our family farm. This is where the products were first developed and created. We make small batches to ensure good quality and freshness. 

When did you start Beatrice Skincare? 

The Beatrice range was launched in August 2016 as an online business. We are now stocked at Tonic Yoga in Northbridge and can be found at various market days in WA including Newman, Parabadoo,  Kellerberrin and Fremantle. 

What inspired you to start Beatrice skincare?

Donna: It was all about timing. We had been using the products for ten years and with Eve moving back to the West, and Isabella finishing her marketing degree everything aligned. Our inspiration was the opportunity to have a project as a family where we could all contribute with our distinctive skills. My son, Oscar and his girlfriend Kimba have also helped us out with the photography for our website. We work well as a team and are having a lot of fun! 

What sets Beatrice skincare apart from other skincare brands? 

Beatrice is a 100% natural product. We use grapefruit seed extract oil and Rosemary oil as natural antioxidants to prolong its shelf life. Every ingredient has been carefully selected so the overall product has the maximum beneficial effect. No corners are cut. 

We hand make the product in small batches ensuring the highest level of transparency and integrity. We also just down right love making the stuff and this good energy seeps into every product.

We know it can be difficult to get products that aren’t mainstream in country areas and this is why we launched Beatrice skincare online, making it easily accessible to people living in more remote areas and at an affordable cost. 

And last but not least we are committed to giving back to the environment that we live in, so for every product purchased we donate a saltbush to be planted in the Wheatbelt.


What do you believe to be the most essential must have skin care product? 

Eve: For me it’s the toner. It’s truly magical on my skin! Over the past ten years I’ve spent the majority of my time living in hot, humid tropical places and whilst my skin needs nourishing the thought of applying a cream in the humid weather was just a no go for me. Beatrice toner is refreshing, cooling and revitalising for my skin. It cleans the pores but it also has an astringent effect. I can literally feel it tightening my face -in a good way! 

Donna: For me it would have to be the nightcream. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found my skin really needs the rich and nourishing care the night creams gives. When I wake in the morning my skin feels moist and smooth. I also use a little bit of nightcream on the top of my hands. You only need a small amount and it make a huge difference.

Isabella: I absolutely love the salt scrubs (launching in the next month). I naturally have quite dry skin, and so need to moisturize regularly. The salt scrubs work as both an exfoliator and moisturizer. I love the soft feeling the scrub creates over my entire body.  

Describe your skincare routine. 

Everyone has a different skincare routine that specifically suits their skin type and the environment they work in. 

Eve: I start the day with a spritz of Beatrice toner. It’s refreshing and moisturising. I don’t wear makeup and am often working in hot conditions, so it’s the perfect start. Before bed I apply Beatrice night cream. It just soaks into my skin. I also make sure to have plenty of water during the day and include lots of healthy fats in my diet. 

Isabella: I have sensitive skin and react to many products, so I use minimal product on my skin and stick to natural and nourishing products only.  I use the body salt scrub 2-3 nights a week, and moisturise nightly.  Eating a clean and healthy diet combined with plenty of water definitely contributes to my overall skin health! 

Describe a typical working day for the girls at Beatrice. 

What we love most about Beatrice is there is no ‘typical’ working day as such. I don’t think any of us see it as work, but rather an exciting project we can work on together. Each day differs depending on the orders we get, our level of stock, marketing commitments, and our schedule of photography shoots and market stalls.  


What advice would you give to other people looking to start their own small business? 

Eve: I’d say go for it! You’ve got nothing to lose.  Enjoy what you do, if you’re passionate about it people will be attracted to your good energy and enthusiasm. 

Donna: Whatever your business is just be yourself and don’t feel the need to create a marketing image that you don’t connect to. Your genuine self will be your best seller! 

What are your hopes, dreams and goals for Beatrice skincare in the future? 

At the moment we are busy extending our range, which will include a men’s cream, a body lotion, a nappy rash cream and two salt scrubs (one for relaxation and one for sore muscles). 

Donna: We would like to develop a medicinal range of products. As a herbalist I make my own eczema and psoriasis creams for clients that get great results. I make a first aid kit with various ointments, completely natural, for family and friends. It would be great to have a whole medicinal range as a part Beatrice.  

Thank you so much to Donna, Isy and Eve for taking the time to share a bit more about Beatrice Skincare. If you are looking for a Christmas present for a special person in your life, Beatrice Skincare has a range of skincare products that would be ideal. Check out their online website here. You can also find Beatrice Skincare on Instagram and Facebook.