Shire of Bruce Rock


Bruce Rock is located in the heart of the Wheatbelt, 245km east of Perth. A thriving agricultural town with an approximate population of 700 people, with 1200 people making up the Shire.

Bruce Rock welcomes visitors to enjoy the picturesque main street, gardens, amphitheatre and sculpture park, historic buildings, museums, federation style veranda’s and great facilities.

With a great community spirit, rich agricultural history and plenty of services and facilities on offer, the Shire of Bruce Rock is an ideal country town to raise a family.

A contributor is wanted for the Shire of Bruce Rock Wheatbelt Local page.

If you live in Bruce Rock and are passionate about your community, please consider contributing (it’s really not much at all!) All you have to do is take about 20 minutes of your time each week to update the page so that everyone in Bruce Rock (and elsewhere…) knows the latest happenings around the shire. It’s a small contribution that will make such a big difference!

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  1. Hi,
    I am a mechanical and carpentry tradesman living in the Perth hills area. I believe that the wheatbelt is such a vital part of our economy. I want to be a part of it and service the region so I am getting an aircraft to enable me to travel to those places which have difficulty securing these types of services due to their relative isolation. I hope this sparks some interest among you and you can support me somehow.
    Best wishes
    Martin at AB Crewing

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