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Thanks for showing interest in contributing a “Sunday Photo Story” for Wheatbelt Local’s weekly feature. Here’s a few details to give you some more information…

What is a Sunday Photo Story? Thanks for asking! A Sunday Photo Story is a weekly feature on Wheatbelt Local designed to share special places around the Wheatbelt by letting the photos do the talking. Each week a different place and photographer will be featured.

Do I have to be a professional photographer? Of course not! If you can use a camera to take a few photos that you think capture your special place, then you’re in… we want to feature all different sorts of photographers. Rememeber that you’re sharing your special place not necessarily how well you can use a camera. But professional photographers are allowed too!

Does my “special place” have to be important or well known? Not at all! In fact we’d like it better if they’re not that well known and not very many people know about them. That way we’re sharing different Wheatbelt places than those that are normally publicised. Besides, it would be a bit boring to have photos of Wave Rock for three weeks consecutively. Some suggestions include… your local town hall, a river running through your farm, a field of wildflowers or an old cemetry. But let your imagination run wild!

Will I be credited for my photos? Of course! They’re your photos, so you will definitely get credit. We’ll add a little byline at the end of your post that says: Photos by ……. (your name). If you really don’t want to be credited though, for any reason, we can keep your work anonymous.

What to do:

1 // Grab your camera and start snapping your special place

2 // Send at least six of your best high quality shots and a few sentences about your special place through to – they don’t have to be edited!

3 // We’ll get back to you ASAP to say thanks and let you know when we’ll feature your Sunday Photo Story

4 // We’ll edit the photos and add a title and “Sunday Photo Story” tag as shown above, before putting it all together in a post and sending you a preview link

5 // You’ll make sure it all looks okay and then wait for your post to go live

6 // Share the post with all your friends and family – your photos were featured!

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