Put yourself first these holidays

fcelogoThe best present you can give yourself is time now to look after yourself.  Many people put off seeking help about their health in the lead up to the holiday period.

Taking time in the lead up to the holidays to see your doctor about possible signs/symptoms of cancer is an important message of the Cancer Council WA’s Find Cancer Early project.

“The lead up to holidays gets pretty hectic and it’s easy to forget about looking after yourself. If you know something isn’t right we encourage you to see your doctor well before – it’s the best present you can give yourself”, said Karen Hansen, Cancer Council WA, Regional Education Officer for the Wheatbelt.

Evidence shows that delaying seeing the doctor for just 5 weeks can have a big impact on patient outcomes. “Recognising symptoms early is important, so we want to encourage people to put themselves first” said Karen Hansen, Cancer Council WA Regional Education Officer, Wheatbelt.


If you are over 40 and have coughed up blood or had blood in your pee once off or have new spots on your skin or changes to a freckle or mole tell your doctor.  You should also tell your doctor if you have had any of these symptoms for more than 4 weeks: blood in your poo; problems peeing; looser poo (diarrhoea); unexplained weight loss; an unusual pain, lump or swelling anywhere in your body;, becoming more short of breath; or a persistent cough.

Having these symptoms doesn’t mean you have cancer – often they turn out to be something less serious, but it’s important to tell your doctor.  More information is available at: www.findcancerearly.com.au.

For more information and/or to book a talk about the prevention of cancer for your community

please ring 9574 5392

Karen Hansen, | Regional Education Officer Wheatbelt | Cancer Council WA