Carris (East Coorow)

Good morning everyone! My name's Carris. I help manage a 10,000 acre crop and sheep farm East of Coorow, Western Australia, along with my parents and brother. My brother and I are fourth generation farmers, with Grandad starting this farm in 1930 and Great Grandad farming a nearby farm before that. I'll be hosting the Wheatbelt Local Instagram for today, so that hopefully you can gain some insight into a day's work on our farm. I hope that you enjoy my posts! It's 9:30am and every second day in summer we check the sheep to make sure that they have clean water and that they are all healthy and happy in their paddocks. We currently only have about 800 sheep, which is small compared to other sheep farmers. This means I only have 3 mobs to check – the ewes, wethers and lambs. #LifeInTheWheatbelt #Wheatbelt #merino #sheep #thankafarmerforyournextmeal #westernaustralia #australia @windmere_farm

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