The Way We Roll Farm Style!


Contribution from Nicole Langford (@kombilife)

If you had asked me 11 years ago if I thought I’d marry a farmer, I probably would have said no. I had my sights set on travel (even though in the back of my mind I always knew I’d like to bring up my kids on a farm)… Drawn to the city lights, born a farmers daughter, I had a thing for fashion and always have ever since my Grandma introduced me to the shopping world. Living in the city world of fashion and modelling, I sure did get used to the fine dining, fashion, shopping and the world that now seems like a faint memory. But even though I do miss those finer things in my life, there is nothing that comes close to the strange and wonderful world I live in now. Changing from beautiful divine dresses and heels …. to cut off denim shorts, holy tees and work boots. It sure is a sight many of my ex-coworkers would laugh to see me in now.

When I say that it is a wonderful world, there is many that would disagree. I have times where I miss the city world and my friends. But I have discovered a beauty in this land that is hard to describe… it is the colours in the changing season and the beauty in the process of growing a crop – watching it grow and the endless hours and passion that a farmer has to start every year not knowing what it will hold and counting on mother nature to stand by there side.

Within the posts that I have on my Instagram, there is a message of some kind… you either see it in the picture or in my writing, it may be just the gift of the day or the changing in season, or in this picture it was the different character of my three kids. My daughter likes to be different and is not afraid to be her. This tee represents that. It’s called ALL KIDS ARE COOL made by #banditkids and it’s an anti bully tee. My little one a stormtrooper, my eldest a protector because his kind heart in always looking out for others.

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