The Ultimate Wheatbelt Autumn Bucket List


We are re-introducing the Ultimate Wheatbelt Bucket Lists!

Ever since the beginning of January, I have been vowing for summer to never end. But then I began putting together the Ultimate Wheatbelt Autumn Bucket List, and looking over photos from autumn last year… and I realised that autumn is actually pretty cool. So now, I’m only a little sad that summer is over but so excited for what autumn will bring!

Autumn in the Wheatbelt is the sounds of birds chirping as the sun shines through the trees on your early morning jog. It’s the the smell of smoke in the crisp evening air as you burn up ready for seeding. It’s the sound of the first rains pounding heavy on the roof. It’s seeing the grass turn green. It’s the smell of freshly turned soil as paddocks are seeded. It’s the introduction of another layer of clothes in the mornings and evenings. It’s the sounds of chainsaws and lawnmowers working hard on a Sunday afternoon. It’s toasting marshmallows on a bonfire and camping out under the stars. It’s warming your hands on a takeaway coffee as you watch your local football team play on the weekend.

Autumn in the Wheatbelt is awesome.

Snap a photo of you doing one of the things on our bucket list, share it to social media with the hashtag #wheatbeltautumn and we will share on our social media and in a blog wrap-up at the end of this beautiful season!

What does autumn in the Wheatbelt mean to you?

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