Did someone say Bachelor and Spinsters Ball?

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Those in regional Australia, especially within the agriculture industry, face some issues. The Australian dollar, forever changing markets, climate change, health services, quality of education, lack of urban support just to name a few! There’s never a shortage of issues or a boring day. But it might be the starry skies and our love for the land. Whatever it is, I’m sure those in Regional Australia agree with me when I say we are passionate about our communities and wouldn’t be anywhere else. But there’s something that gets me down… like truly depressed. It’s the lack of young men in regional Australia. This in my eyes is an issue that is under publicised and seriously needs to be addressed. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the company of the old regulars at the pub. They are some of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. But I’m not silly; I’m not going to stay youthful and young forever. Catching the eye of the over 70’s isn’t going to get me a sparkly rock on my finger.

So, you’re probably thinking, what’s this love deprived eighteen-year-old having a rant about? Well, what I’m trying to do is highlight the anticipation and excitement that many like myself feel about the annual Inseminators – Bachelor and Spinsters ball. An annual event a thousand people around WA and the rest of Australia look forward to. I’m being slightly melodramatic when I talk about my prowl for love but there must be some farmer boy out there looking for a wife. It is a social event of the year where the beers and rum flow smoothly to stomachs of the dye stained partygoers. For the third year in a row Live at the Hay Shed hosted the BnS ball and they didn’t disappoint!

Spinsters from around Regional Australia network together

Spinsters from around Regional Australia network together

On the 25th of October at 10:30am the gates opened with hundreds camping out on the roadside the night before to crack open a beverage in the line up. The volunteers at the gate checked your vehicles making sure there were no more than the fifteen cans per person. Then you cruised on into the paddock of fun. Second hand couches everywhere resembling a gypsy camp and no shortage of ‘Bundy’ flags flying high. The games began by eleven, including the awesome cut up pit, ‘Tug your Bitch’ and the much-anticipated wet t-shirt competition. I think I’ll let you use your imagination when it comes to the wet t-shirt competition. But it was only the beginning to the bareness that night provided with the country crowd not afraid to flaunt what (they think) they’ve got. With live entertainment being Rock Candy, Full Noise and Renegade who kept us dancing throughout the night and just the general atmosphere that a BnS and the people keen to have a good time provide, made this an un-miss able night.

After tearing up the dance floor the deso driver and myself enjoyed ourselves as we sat by the campfire having a yarn until the early hours of the morning. A little too much so we discovered thanks to the breathalyser at the gate when we went to leave a few hours latter, and we weren’t alone. But after six hours on the side of the road to sober up, a bacon and egg roll cooked by the volunteers, good company and a sneaky snooze we where on our way. Dirt caked on like foundation and even our undies stained with dye, safe to say it was an unforgettable weekend – 10/10. Credit to the volunteers who devote so much time and effort to ensuring we are all safe but have an epic time. Thanks to Karinda from Karinda’s flash photography for the photos! Check her out on Facebook! Also thanks to those who towed our big white van home. The van (The Bongo) and my undies didn’t survive nor did I find that husband. Sorry dad, but you have to listen to me whinging in the sheep yards for a while longer!


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