The Story Behind Children’s Book “Five Thousand More To Go” by Tiff Davey (& Giveaway!)

In 2014, Tiff Davey (from Konnongorring in the Wheatbelt but currently in outback QLD on her Aus agventures), was selected to have her children’s story “Five Thousand More To Go” published through the “Once Upon a Time in the Wheatbelt” project run by RDA Wheatbelt. The books have recently been reprinted, and you can now grab a copy for yourself! This week, Tiff shared the story behind “Five Thousand More To Go” on our Instagram, which you can read here…

Anddd I’m back…. It’s Tiffany Davey (@daveytiff) here. Some might remember me from my recent Instagram takeover! But now I’m back with something new and exciting!! To celebrate my children’s book ‘Five Thousand More to Go’ being reprinted and on sale again I’ve teamed up with ‘Wheatbelt Local’ to run a competition to get a free signed copy sent to you ?? Today I’m going to share with you guys what inspires me to write children’s books based on rural life, how you can get your hands on a copy or even better win one!

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Let’s start with the good stuff! How to win a copy? Share a photo with us using the hash tag #kidsinthewheatbelt (on Instagram or Facebook) that you believe represents what it’s like to grow up in regional Australia. The winner will be announced Friday next week – 26/08/2016. The Wheatbelt local team and myself will decide on our favourite photo. So get snapping!

Why do I write kids books? I wanted to create a resource for children in the bush to relate to, to engage and inspire them to read. It’s also about education for children who are interested in their fibre and foods origin. Writing within this genre has become even more important for me since I began governessing in Outback Queensland. I’m originally from Konnongorring in the Central Wheatbelt but just over a year ago I embarked on an adventure across Australia and haven’t quiet made it past western QLD, might have something to do with a curly haired cowboy and my love for this wild untamed land – but I won’t give to many of my secrets away ? But I’m currently governessing on a cattle station through ‘School of The Air’ and it’s safe to say the children are free spirited… Mustering is their first priority, well anywhere on the station other then in the school room with me is a priority. But these kids are practical, this is the only life they know. To go to school barefoot with a pet joey in tow. To help yourself to the mandarin tree that’s conveniently growing out side the school room and fighting off Lucy the sheep while on air combined with the life skills they learn growing up on the land creates such a unique form of education and some pretty cool kids. So the books I write are for them, about the men and women I meet while working throughout this vast country. But I write for the awesome kids in Aus – must be something in the water around these parts ?

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This is a picture of Lucy, she’s actually banned from the school room because of her urine habits – but she’s out of control! P.S. Lucy is the sheep 😉

For four generations our property bred merinos, there is nothing like the walls of an old shearing shed. I think about the yarns that have been told, beers drunk at cut out and cups of teas at smoko. Our country has been influenced by the wool industry in ways we cannot imagine. The shearers strikes, the ups and downs in our economy I don’t even know where to begin. This book is written in a way that introduces words they might not have heard, it for you to read to your children. So when reading this story envisage yourself amongst the lanolin, the hum of the hand pieces in the old walls of the shearing shed. (Not on a 40degree day ?)

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If you’re interested in purchasing a personally signed copy please contact me at @daveytiff on Instagram or leave a comment below, I’ve got orders being sent out this week. But don’t forget you can also win a copy by sharing a photo on Instagram or Facebook that you believe represents what it’s like to grow up in regional Australia. Make sure you use the #kidsinthewheatbelt hashtag and that your account is set to public.

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The pictures throughout the book are based on people in my life and people you will find throughout the Wheatbelt. Does anyone know a shearer by the name of Tom around Northem? Or a sheep fanatic named Rivers in Ongerup? What about a merino man by the name of Curtis Mack in a town that starts with T? ?? This is my dad and his right hand man (girl) Ruby. Dad insists his beer gut isn’t this big (no comment, love you dad ?) but the pictures really are beautiful check out Paul Jennings!

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I think everyone gets a grasp on my passion for the Wheatbelt and by reading my book I hope those who aren’t from a property get a taste of the wool sheds and those who are enjoy my run down on shearing. Most importantly appreciate the opportunities our Wheatbelt kids have. If you live in town make sure you stop to think about the community values your children are learning. As I grow older (not wiser ?) I’m learning to appreciate it more. The art of volunteers, the characters I’ve been fortunate enough to meet, the hip replacements I’ve heard about and all the fun, awesome amazing stuff I’ve been fortunate enough to experience growing up in Wongan Hills. So please join in on our competition, if you have a picture that reflects our Wheatbelt kids lives please share for your chance to win a copy of my book.

What next? ‘It’s mustering time again and the station kids are excited, alarms cry throughout the quarters and the weary eyed ringers arrive to breakfast.’ Maybe a second book about my experiences on a cattle station? Fingers crossed anyway! I believe every kid in Australia should have a book to read and that we as food producers NEED to share the story behind the food on our plates and wool on our shoulders. Consumer awareness is important and we have a tendency to approach this issue in an arrogant way. It’s about education, politely correct people you hear on the street. Comment on ridiculous posts politely – without the hostility. Because a lot of people simply know no better. The media portrays what it wants. It’s up to us to educate. Oh, and back to the books my main message is to always read and always always dream. I failed English in high school, basically failed school, oops ? and my grammar on my Insta posts – sorry ? If you know a publisher, I’ve most probably been rejected by it. But I have the desire to create a life I love, share the message I’m passionate about and to ensure the things that light the fire in my soul and put the spring in my step are always a part of my life. Reading books transported me to places I’ve never been, people I’ve never met and every kid should experience this. Read read read!

It’s getting late and I’ve noticed my spelling grammar mistakes are increasing so I better leave it there ? I just love sharing my story or as my mum would put it I have the gift of the gap…The book is available to buy – contact my personal page for info @daveytiff. The competition is open till next Friday. So please share your photos ? Dream of fleeces and count out those shorn sheep as they slide down the chute tonight. Love, laughter and best wishes always, Tiff xx

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I know I said I was leaving but here’s a picture of Lucy doing her thing! She literally eats their homework… Pet sheep and school rooms are NOT a good combination! Bye bye ??? @daveytiff is off to get some shut eye ?

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  1. Hi Tiffany, I heard about your book on the ABC radio this morning. I just love that you have written a book for kids about shearing. Although I’m now a Gran to 8 grandchildren our 3 daughters are now farmers with kids who also love the shearing shed & all the pet lambs they acquire during lambing.
    We also just this last weekend had friends who come every year with their own grandies & love the farm & especially the shearing ! …. I wondered if I could order 3 of your books to share with them all. Kind regards Colleen Stevens. Corrigin WA.

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