Wandering Wheatbelt Wine aWards 10th Annual Gala Event

08 WWWaWIf you’re someone who loves a nice wine and a good night out, then be sure to get down to the Wandering Wheatbelt Wine aWards 10th Annual Gala Event on the 25th of October 2014.

The black tie event is being held at Wandering Brook Estate. On arrival, guests will have the opportunity to partake in tasting wines that have been entered into the 2014 Wine Show. This will be followed by a superb five course menu created by gourmet chef, Jeff Eaton. Wine, of course, will be the star of the evening, and professional wine judges will give a short critique on the award winning wines that accompany each course.

Guests will then be able to enjoy entertainment from some talented musicians, and each receive a special keepsake commemorating the 10th annual event.

The wine show will be held earlier in the day and be comprised of the following categories: Wheatbelt Midwest, Peel Region, Marradong Country and West Australian Alternative Variety. Locally handcrafted trophies will be awarded to the winners of each category during the night.

WWWaW is a not-for-profit organisation that was formed by a group of volunteers in 2005 to showcase the great wine and food produced in the region whilst promoting our local areas. The wait staff and kitchen helpers, who do a tremendous job, are volunteers. Community groups help set up before and clean up after the event.

If this event seems like your cup of tea wine, then be sure to book as as soon as possible to secure your place. Buses will be running from Boddington, Williams, Wandering and Narrogin so there’s no reason not to have a great night out!
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Event: Wandering Wheatbelt Wine aWards 10th Annual Gala Event
Venue: Wandering Brook Estate, 100 North Wandering Rd, Wandering
Cost: $120 per person
Buses: from Boddington, Narrogin, Wandering and Williams ($10)
Tickets: from Shires of Boddington and Williams; Tanglefoot Winery, Wandering
Contact: Cara Ryan (0418 928 088) or Laura Harrison (0432 966 311)

Many thanks to Dawn Dowsett from the Wandering Wheatbelt Wine aWards Committee for providing the information and photos used in this post.

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