The Best Wheatbelt Instagram Accounts (Part 2)


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Instagram is probably my favourite social media platform. Not only are there so many accounts with beautiful photographs of our region, Instagram is also a great place to connect and the Wheatbelt Local Instagram community is one that I love so much! On our account (@wheatbeltlocal) we regularly repost photos from people around the Wheatbelt, and sometimes have Wheatbelt residents take over our account for the day, sharing a day in their life. There are so many talented photographers in the Wheatbelt who capture the Wheatbelt so well, but if we had to choose just a few, here are five of our absolute favourites…



@dandaraganorganicbeef is a lovely account filled with farmyard snaps of happy cows grazing in open Wheatbelt paddocks, with a dose of #childhoodunplugged thrown in. It is definitely an account to follow  for snaps of happy cows, happy kids and of course… beautiful landscapes. 


Nicki of @rusticrurallife captures the simple things in life so beautifully. Her account is a mixture of Wheatbelt landscapes bathed in golden light, farm animals and spreads of amazing fresh produce. If you aren’t already following @rusticrurallife, head over and do so now, because you’re missing out on some stunning shots of farm life in our amazing region.


If you love photos of cute lambs, funny dogs and beautiful horses, you should definitely be following @cassie_monks. Cassie captures farmyard fun in a bright, beautiful and unique way. Expect cuteness overload, because all of the photos of orphaned lambs will make you want one of your own. 



Damien of @ayeinthesky captures the Wheatbelt from an entirely different perspective, literally. Regularly posting snaps from up in a hot air balloon, @ayeinthesky is the account to follow for jaw-dropping Wheatbelt landscapes and picturesque farmland from above. The view is even better from the sky!



Angie of @angieroephotography has an incredible talent for capturing daily Wheatbelt life in the most beautiful way. Her account features a number of different aspects of Wheatbelt life, everything from swimming carnivals to landscapes to weddings and animals, each photo as beautiful as the next. Be sure to follow @angieroephotography for stunning photos that capture the beauty of our everyday life in the Wheatbelt!

Do you have a favourite Instagram account that we should be following?

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