Tiff (Konnongorring) Pt. 2

An ocean of sheeeeeep ??? #lifeinthewheatbelt #wheatbeltlocal #thefamilyfarm

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One of the joys of being a country kid is the lessons you learn from a young age. Arch is eight but is lucky enough to work alongside us to directly contribute to the business. In his own eight year old way ?… Telling a time via a clock is a hard lesson for a country kid to learn. You know it's time to feed the chooks at sunset and your parents working days aren't restricted by 8 – 5. We understand at a very early age the cycle of life. You loose pets you love, you try and save animals but sometimes you can't. But you always try. You also have an appreciation for the meal on your table because you learn to understand the purpose of the animals you are raising. Australia has the best welfare standards across the world. I believe there has been issues within our industry in the past but the time for change is here. There are such valuable skills that are past down from generation to generation. My fathers passion for sustainable farming is past down in our genes as well as bad knees and skinny ankles. The love for the land in something that is engraved into you from a young age. I know I couldn't picture my life anywhere else. #thefamilyfarm #lifeinthewheatbelt #wheatbeltlocal #takeover

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Three cuties hitching a ride. Little legs couldn't quiet keep up ?? #lifeinthewheatbelt

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